Tori Falcon

Communications Manager

Tori (she/they) is a libra, writer, shopaholic, and both a lover and a hater. She was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, a place that continues to be a center of culture, history, and revolution and her everlasting inspiration. She got her start in this realm of work through journalism, receiving a degree from the University of North Texas’ Mayborn School of Journalism and has since supported and ran several community events and initiatives leading her to her current role at MOVE Texas and the lifelong work of being a storyteller in the movement.

She is passionate about cultural organizing such as the art, music, writing, history, community that tie us, ground us, educate us, and connect us to the issues we care about. When she’s not doing comms girly things, she is living a very domestic and leisurely life at home with her partner and two cats, Binky & Mr. Chedda.