Hi, we’re MOVE Texas. Nice to meet ya!

MOVE is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, grassroots organization building power in underrepresented youth communities through civic education, leadership development, and issue advocacy. And yeah, we’re an acronym, learn it, memorize it, live it.

Mobilize. Organize. Vote. Empower.

MOVE Texas was started in 2013 by a small group of dedicated students at The University of Texas at San Antonio to increase participation in local elections and since then has gone statewide to become one of the most effective voter registration and engagement groups in the state.

We are working hard to build a Texas that believes in its young people and reflects our values. We believe that every young Texan should be able to have their voice heard at the capitol, their city halls, and at the ballot box.

MOVE Texas currently operates in San Antonio, Laredo, Seguin, San Marcos, Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, Denton and Dallas.

MOVE Texas does innovative democracy for our generation. We are workin’ hard to build a great future and empower great new leaders—such as yourself—to keep making it greater.

To find out about our peeps, check out our staff and even the national federation of young badasses we’re part of: the Alliance for Youth Action.

Where can you find us?

You can find us in San Marcos, San Antonio, Laredo, Dallas, Austin, and Houston

And now for the legal mumbo jumbo: MOVE Texas is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. It is affiliated with, but should not be confused with MOVE Texas Civic Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit program of the Alliance for Youth Organizing.