Genesis Hernandez

Digital Communications Associate

Genesis Hernandez was born and raised in Laredo, sister city of Nuevo, Laredo Tamaulipas, a city influenced by border culture where spanglish serves as their language of comfort. It is a personal value to Genesis to empower and uplift marginalized communities and being a part of MOVE Texas is the perfect environment for her to grow as an artist and advocate.

MOVE Texas allows her to feel connected with others that are just as passionate about creating a loud and resounding voice, taking up space to create a wave of sustainable change. Genesis is a digital artist and vendor, she creates her original art and sells prints, hand-painted tote bags and stickers.

Genesis’s art is largely influenced by her culture, intertwining latinx slang/sayings with feminine characters at the center, messaging centered on taking up space, letting yourself be soft, and saying no to gendered expectations. Interesting color schemes, whimsical collage work and culture are her sources of inspiration and anytime she’s able to visit an art gallery/museum and a friendly coffee shop, she calls that a great day