MOVE Texas lobby day

In 2019, we want to take the civic and advocacy power we’re building to the state legislature. Our legislative agenda contains an ambitious slate of voting rights bills that we will champion and lead as well as items we will support as allies and oppose as organizers. On March 26th, we ask you to join us as we take students to the capitol in Austin to stand on the south steps and demand a Texas that believes in us. We will dispatch teams to representatives offices where our fellows and interns will lobby for MOVE’s agenda.

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News & Updates


H. Drew Galloway and His Millennial Hustle

September 6, 2018

H. Drew Galloway and His Millennial Hustle click to enlarge Editor’s Note: Jade Esteban Estrada is the writer of Glitter Political, a series of articles detailing San Antonio’s elections. I’m sitting across from H. Drew Galloway at Estate Coffee Shop on the city’s East Side….


Important that you register to vote

September 16, 2018

Important that you register to vote It’s important to act now if you’re not registered and want to vote in the big Nov. 6 election, when all 235 House representatives, one-third of all senators, including one of two from Texas, our governor and other candidates will be elected….


Young Voters Bring New Energy To Politics On National Voter Registration Day

September 27, 2018

Young Voters Bring New Energy To Politics On National Voter Registration Day It’s everyone’s responsibility to help students get the knowledge, tools, resources, and community support they need to cast their ballot. Rather than lamenting that students don’t care enough to vote, we must ensure the voice of America’s future is represented and has the…