Let’s get ~lege-ucated:

Welcome to a space where we ask the hard-hitting questions about the political landscape such as, what the actual f*ck, Texas Lege?

As many may know the bicameral biennial battleground bonanza is currently in session AKA the 87th Texas Legislative Session that started on Jan. 12, 2021.  This is where the two chambers (The Texas House of Representatives and The Texas Senate) come together every other year forming one large governing body to create laws that either really rule or really screw up Texans’ lives for the foreseeable future. Oh, and it’s a redistricting session as well which happens every 10 years in line with the census-based on population changes.

So, yeah. We know it’s intimidating, grueling, tedious, boring, confusing and just downright painful to pay attention to. But we wouldn’t ask you to try if we didn’t believe in you and the power you have. This series will highlight a lesson of the Texas legislature, we hope you’ll stick around, learn a little something, and then take action with us.