Voter engagement works best when you connect the dots for people. It’s the reason why we help young voters understand the connection between the things they care about and their power to impact those issues. Our programs increase civic education, provide leadership development opportunities and educate voters through issue advocacy.

Voter Registration Drive

Civic Education

Helps young people understand the importance of civic participation through voter registration, education and mobilization.

MOVE Texas is one of the largest and most effective voter registration forces in the state, registering 30,000 new voters under the age of 30 in 2018. In 2019, we are on track to register another 30,000 and then scale our efforts to another register 70,000 before the 2020 election.

We’re creating a lasting legacy of engaged, progressive voters in Texas who will turn out to vote for every election for the rest of their lives.


Creates a pipeline of talent and youth activism in local communities that are offered through volunteer training, fellowships, and internships. MOVE Texas is training the next generation of civic leaders through our Leadership Development program, the premier field training program in the state of Texas.


Focuses on helping young people understand the connections between voting and the impact that elected officials have on their lives.

At MOVE Texas, we support progressive policies to support and uplift our communities. We champion equality, economic justice for young workers, a healthy environment, and a healthy and inclusive democracy.

Previously, we’ve advocated for local non-discrimination ordinances, criminal justice reforms, and comprehensive immigration reforms. We are at the forefront of the fight for voting rights and have won battles against anti-voter policies in the state legislature and are expanding democracy reforms on the local level.