The Work Continues…

Throughout this past year, we saw a lot of good and a lot of bad in our state’s elections.  To begin with the latter, this was the first election cycle in which anti-voter legislation that was rushed through the state house last year, over the strong opposition of voting rights and civil rights groups throughout… Read More

Hate To Say We Told You So, But…

by Claudia Yoli Ferla Last year, MOVE Texas went to great lengths, alongside our partners in the state, to explain to Texas lawmakers how harmful the effects of Senate Bill 1 would be for voters in Texas. Unfortunately for these voters, Senate Bill 1 was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott and took effect… Read More

Freedom to Vote Federally

by Alán de León Okay, so you should now possess the knowledge about the county and state primary elections (if you read the previous blogs), but now let’s get federal. We know all the buzz is around the Governor’s race as it is among the more high-profile races that usually draws people out of their… Read More

What’s at state?

by Aaron Arguello Now that we’ve looked at what voting in Texas under Senate Bill 1 looks like, and the importance of down ballot voting, you may be wondering what else will be on your ballot come next month’s election. With the primaries nearly upon us, today we’ll be going over some of the state… Read More

I Registered for the Primaries. What now?

by Amber Mills As the first month of 2022 ends, and February begins, we can already feel the excitement, friendly competition, and civic engagement in the air indicating that one of our favorite seasons is upon us –  the Texas Primaries. You’ve registered to vote at your current address and checked your voter registration status… Read More

WTFTxLege?!: Gov Abbott’s Veto of Article X

After some big moves from pro-voter lawmakers (all the way to Washington D.C.), this first special session of the Texas Legislature has been at a standstill due to the break of quorum. This means that enough lawmakers left to prevent any votes from taking place. This play was made to stop the passage of the… Read More

WTFTxLege: Special Session #1

Oh, you thought you were done screaming “WTF TX Lege?!” into the void? Well, think again. The regularly scheduled biennial session may have concluded, but Gov. Greg Abbott has called a special session scheduled to start July 8.  *screaming intensifies* Yeah, yeah, we are not thrilled about it as we know it will be dedicated… Read More