Corpus Christi Field Organizer

MOVE Texas is seeking an energetic, dedicated field organizer to join our efforts to register thousands of young voters in Texas this year—specifically high school and college students who are often registering to vote for the very first time! You’ll be joining the A-team of millennial civic engagement: In 2017, we registered 5,300 young people and over 71% voted in San Antonio’s city election — tripling the millennial voter turnout in just two years. In 2018, MOVE registered 29,667 new young voters and helped 73% of them cast a ballot in the Presidential Election. Now, we’re growing fast and need YOU to join the squad. If you care about organizing our generation for change – from canvassing for voter registration to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts – we want to talk.

Paid Canvasser

MOVE Texas is seeking temporary, paid Canvassers to register voters and collect contact information for follow up with them to get out the vote. We’re looking for organized and driven individuals to register voters in classrooms, on campus, and at public events; or by phone based on COVID-19 restrictions.