Texas is a state with a growing number of young people of color: 41% of Texans are under the age of 30 years old and of this group, 63% are people of color. Since March, COVID-19 has impacted these communities the most. Young Texans are eager to vote but remain on the edge of contracting the virus. Heading into the 2020 November Election, Texas remains one of the largest in-person voting states during the coronavirus pandemic. Statistically, some voters will unfortunately be exposed to the virus in the days before the election and will be unable to safely cast an in-person ballot. Beginning on October 23, sick voters have until 5 P.M. of election day (November 3, 2020) to apply for an emergency ballot to vote by mail. The application must be accompanied with a certificate from a licensed physician, chiropractor, or practitioner, confirming the voter cannot safely vote in person. Understanding that doctors are extremely busy during the pandemic, safety measures limit in person meetings, and the high costs of navigating our healthcare system for low income, young people of color, MOVE is here to help

Starting on October 24, voters who call (833) 4MO-VETX / (833) 466-8389 may schedule a virtual, private appointment with a physician. In a private appointment, the doctor confirms whether the voter is eligible for the doctor’s certificate that must accompany an emergency ballot application. This system will be available to all Texans from October 24, 2020 through November 3, 2020. 

MOVE Texas is not a medical provider and is merely acting as a conduit between a caller and a volunteer physician.