National Artists of Texas Fellowship

April 2, 2020

MOVE Texas has identified five emerging artists from across the Lone Star State for its inaugural National Artists of Texas Fellowship. This program seeks to use the visual arts to engage and inspire a new generation of Texas voters. Over the next three months, these artists will be creating unique collections of voter engagement touchpoints and serve as creative ambassadors for the youth vote movement. This fellowship is part of the Lonestar Artist Collaborative, MOVE Texas’ year-long project to empower artists in civic life.

Sierra DeVuyst

Sierra DeVuyst was a late talker. She constantly drew to communicate. Whether it was "spiders" or "bottles,” having a pen in her hand was second nature. She lived in a tent in rural Kentucky to rock climb full time, and then joined the military so she could go to school for graphic design. Being impatient about learning, she picked up books from Amazon and taught herself Photoshop and Illustrator, so by the time she got out, her portfolio was full and steady clients were drifting in. She has worked with the city of San Antonio and the San Antonio International Airports on large illustrations, as well as creating the branding and marketing for local small businesses and food festivals. Cultivating a strong community is something she is deeply passionate about. She believes taking care of one another is fundamental to build a thriving society.

Adraint Bereal

Adraint Bereal is an interdisciplinary designer from Waco, Texas, who aims to provoke the world through his art. His usual medium of choice is film photography and when he’s not holding a camera you can find him bundled up on a couch watching anime. His work is inspired by the people around him and the things he has experienced through life. Adraint will be graduating with his BFA Design degree in May from the University of Texas at Austin.

Bithia Dantoumda

Bithia Dantoumda is currently studying journalism and studio art at the University of Texas at Austin. Outside of academia, she works as a Life & Arts reporter for the Daily Texan newspaper while running a freelance art company called ‘Creative Days’. Although born in Bithia has lived in Texas for the majority of her life and has witnessed the disconnect between youth and politics mainly due to misinformation and underrepresentation. She wants to remind young voters that their vote counts, but also wants to take this opportunity to make sure all young voters feel represented. After all, how can someone be expected to vote for something they don’t care about or understand? 2020 can and will be (with the efforts of this MOVE Texas campaign) a big year for young Texas voters.

Ana Ruiz

Ana Ruiz is originally from the El Paso/Juarez borderland. She worked as a graphic designer in El Paso, where she helped brand various local businesses. She also worked in creative campaigns that helped bring awareness to migrant and reproductive issues. Through this work, she has received various national and international design awards. She now lives in Austin, Texas where she is completing her Master’s Degree in public affairs from the University of Texas at Austin. As a National Artists of Texas fellow, she hopes to combine her passion for all things art and policy to motivate the civic engagement of young Texans.

Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee is a visual artist. She was born in Texas and has spent the last decade creating art in Austin. Her work spans many mediums: photographs, video, mixed media, paint, and collage. Most of her pieces—regardless of medium—are rooted in color theory: she believes color to be the most important element. Generally, there are people in her images, her niche is capturing strange moments with offbeat characters. Many of her biggest inspirations are film directors, and she references Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Helmut Newton on an ongoing basis. She is internationally published and has photographed musicians touring during almost every music festival Austin has hosted.

For more information on the Lonestar Artist Collaborative, contact MOVE Texas Communications Director, Charlie Bonner –

For more information on the Lonestar Artist Collaborative, contact MOVE Texas Communications Director, Charlie Bonner –