Culture is the ecosystem in which we live our everyday lives, making it the most valuable resource we have in changing the hearts and minds of voters across Texas. Culture goes beyond politics. Artists have an unparalleled ability to connect with people going beyond traditional means of communication. We believe it is critical to infuse joy, beauty, and fun into movement work. That is the spirit in which our National Artists of Texas Fellowship is crafted from. Since 2020, we have onboarded 15 talented, young Texans who have lended their skills in the visual arts to engage and inspire a new generation of Texas voters. As we get through the November 2022 election, we have created a new iteration of this program bringing back previous fellows as a council to use the skills learned in the fellowship and take ownership of respective issue areas to support the wider MOVE Texas.

Artwork from Artist Council Fall 2022

Genesis Victoria Hernandez

Get Out The Vote

Christina Ciaburri

Climate Justice

Claire Eby

Civic Education

Check out all the artists’ work below!

Artwork from Spring 2022 Artist Fellows

Artwork from Spring 2021 Artist Fellows

Artwork from Spring 2021 Artist Fellows

Gonzales Gallery Series IV: Arts & Activism

In 2020, the San Antonio Report and MOVE Texas teamed up to present a Virtual Gonzales Gallery featuring the inaugural National Artist of Texas fellows. Here’s some of the work featured in the virtual gallery from artists Adraint Bereal, Bithia Dantoumda, Sierra Devuyst, Lindsey Lee, and Ana Ruiz.