Gonzales Gallery Series IV: Arts & Activism

Last semester, the San Antonio Report and MOVE Texas teamed up to present a Virtual Gonzales Gallery featuring the inaugural National Artist of Texas fellows. Here’s some of the work featured in the virtual gallery from artists Adraint Bereal, Bithia Dantoumda, Sierra Devuyst, Lindsey Lee, and Ana Ruiz.

Fall Art Fellow Testimonials

Sierra DeVuyst

Sierra DeVuyst


“The MOVE Texas Artist Fellowship was an absolutely incredible experience. The creative freedom, structure and feedback was amazing. I looked forward to the briefs that marked the end of different deadlines to see what the artists came up with, gain feedback and hear of political and legal developments that MOVE Texas was focused on, as well as hang out with new friends. It felt so good to be able to give back while the world felt like chaos. This fellowship also allowed me to connect with new clients because of my work with Move and have awesome stats for future client projects, as well as forge new connections with other artists that I may not have had the opportunity to know. I am so glad I was able to be a part of this program.”

Adraint Bereal


“LOVED IT! There’s so much to be learned and gained from using our artistic talents to communicate a clear message in the world of politics. I feel even more empowered to empower others through my work than before.”


Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee


“MOVE Texas is an incredible organization advocating for power in numbers when it comes to voting. We are all too aware of the dismal voter turnout numbers of the past, and MOVE works to educate and register new voters, so we can have a government that truly represents the people.  Through the National Artist of Texas Fellowship, MOVE gave me a platform to make art that empowered people to choose their future, and as a creator, it was an incredibly rewarding experience.  I had the opportunity to create designs seen by people all around the country, and after the election, we were able to celebrate record-breaking voter turnout in Texas.  I would absolutely recommend this fellowship to any artists that want to diversify their portfolio and collaborate with a spectacular team, all while making a difference in local and national government.”